Orbes 2014

Orbes 22014Another watch concept. Mimimalism with clear idea and semiotics. We are humans on celestial orbits, spinning in space.

This one I actually really would like to make real. As the seconds orbit the minutes marker, it would require some custom engineering, that is a solution that I haven’t seen in any watch so far. For single piece, solution would be to seek out a manufacturer and commission a custom watch of high quality – which is bit far on the range. I would prefer to make few for sale, maybe a crowdsourcing approach would work, as long as a quality watchmaker would be at hand.

While the very high-end has its attraction, there might be challenges in speaking the visual language of that segment for a successful pitch and proper launch. Nieches & curious thoughts… What would it really take to say, produce 500 watches and launch it well? How would one make a research to prove that the watch would sell at profitable price point?

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