Hot Swapper – What if switching bodies was easy?

Hot Swapper – What if switching bodies was easy?

For World Building Course,  Aalto Arts, February 2018

Hot Swapper is a mimetic fictional world exploring current age with single difference: technology to swap minds and bodies has recently emerged as black swan -technology. Right now, body swapping is safe, convenient, entertaining, cheap and available everywhere.

It is a world providing humorous setting for exploring  what makes us us – our identities, how we act in society, aspects and bindings of the social fabric, dark moral dilemmas, situational comedy and detective mysteries.  The presentation through the language of an pulp-fashion-magazine a tonque-in-cheeck tone on surface level balances the twisted narratives getting grim, fast.

World of Hot Swapper was envisioned to be told through episodic drama-comedy show, inspired by Black Mirror, Dollhouse and Judge Dredd. There are handful of one-off episode-plots sketched out, and a longer narrative arch envisioned to bind a season together, with plenty of potential to expand.  The setting would also work for games, for example as detective-adventure told through Virtual Reality, where the enhanced immersion truly shines in support of the overall carrying theme of the embodiment.

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