Factoryship vectors

Factoryship vectors

Plan cuts of a spaceship factory Kippo / Thaumiel, just for fun.
It was surprisingly relaxing to organize all of that, felt like drawing maps as kid – as I went along, stories, persons and universe around it came alive. There is clear logical flow and each compartment has logical function. Main halls for putting it parts together, factories underneath building segments, that are fed parts from smaller factories underneath, that in turn take material input from transport lines going back to storage facilities / harvester ship landing region. Also large machines made in factories can be transported to all critical areas of the ship, making it self repairing. There are elevators for different purposes, airlocks, restaurants, hospital, recycling plant, reactor, engines, biodomes, housing, multiple floors for maintenance etc. And a colonization-powerstruggle-horror story. It’s a ugly bird, but would make a nice setting for a game. So many plot devices.

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