About Facebook and Oculus.

“Why such negative outburst, this is an opportunity?”

Probably it will go just fine.

It is just the wave of emotional backlash against loved independent company getting acquired by a corporation that is infamous for complicated privacy, so many ads, unjust monetization (2-6% of fans seeing the updates), inability to manually control the news feed (I really would like to see all the updates) and being infiltrated by the NSA. Emotionally a narrative of a community backed indie being assimilated to a corrupt empire that is tolerated because lack of proper alternatives.

But business-wise, it’ll go just fine, they’ll keep their control, more assets opening new directions and opportunities. But only as hand of an corporate advertising empire, indie spirit dead. I’m not excited about building something that helps Facebook staying relevant, not in the same way I was excited about the original Kickstarter and what followed. Rift was this new awesome technology that was going to change the world, now it feels a trick in the bag of the tv-channel that your parents watch. So pardon the outburst, business as usual, parents are a huge audience and all is makes sense.

What was the status of the competition again?

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