Mapvember 9 – Minotaur

Mapvember 9 – Minotaur

A classic Minotaur maze, with loops and bridges!

Solution:  Follow colors from Colder to warmer.

Made it hard systematically: No clear patterns will help through, the outer loops, (purple-blue-cyans in the picture below) are intended keep you spinning, with always fewer routes towards in. No shortcuts through the distance hieararchy, eventually leading to only two entrances to the inner loops where you’ll find the route to the Minotaur.

But how could such maze be made even harder? Is it better to have few/two internally tight loops with only one right route connecting them, or one huge with plenty of connections all over the place? How about the bridges, will the eye naturally follow over or under – and how it relates to reading the maze and twists? Are there angles that are harder psychologically to take? But it is a good hard maze. Haven’t yet seen an algorithm that generates mazes exactly of this type. Maybe they exists  – what is this type of maze called? Would be curious to make one.   EDIT: apparently it is a sparse- braided-weave template maze, and there might be source code available to fiddle with. Nah. Those mazes looked horrible! not at all fun to solve or track by eye. And anyway the most interesting mazes are graphical, map like, with rich environmental storytelling and hidden object games.