level design

Mapvember 11 – Medusa

Mapvember 11 – Medusa

A small temple houses princess Medusa and her silent servant, careful never to cross their paths. She relieves her desolace with the company of the nights stars and the vast temple library – containing rarities that might a tempt a desperate thief to risk his luck with the deadly sight…

Ok, as much fun as the mapvember has been, alas I won’t have time to accomplish the rest. I’ll join again next year and maybe do one or two more. Thanks for the ride #mapvebember2017, it’s been inspiring!

Mapvember 10 – Naga

Mapvember 10 – Naga

An innocent island temple for the servants of the Sea Witch friendly for visitors blessed with water breathing, but submerged, there lies a hidden pirate base to empower the shifting wills of the depths.

Level Design for the mobile game Fatcat Rush

Pictures from Fatcat Rush

What: Level and Game-design for the mobile game Fatcat Rush by Tomodomo OY (2011, iOS). An Endless Runner Platformer with high replayability.

Solution: Mathemathically constructed levels offered a hockey-stick difficulty-curve based on required reaction times, an easy-to-learn hard-to-master design philosphy with multiple routes and secrets for varied skill levels. Innovative uses of game mechanics in holiday themed expansion levels.

Results: Game was very well received with high retention (4/5 appstore review). It succeeded in making high replayability for endless runner with static levels. “addictive”

Available in Appstore – give it go! Rumour is that the game might be debutting later on the Oculus Rift, for which it works ashtonishingly well and needing only minor visual adjustments.