Tutorial Character for QR-codes.

Tutorial Character for QR-codes.

Painted a mascot-character to be used alongside QR-codes. Company details redacted, but the persona targeted is femine, casual, smart, approachable, trustworthy. Quite happy how she turned out. I feel I’ve reached a new level with digital painting. All thanks to tricks from Loish, obsession with lines of Alessandro Barbucci and being regular at  Brilliant.

What should be her name?


Visual Identity for the mobile game Outcatch

What: Visual identity for IOS based mobile GPS treasure-hunt game Outcatch! by Planetboard. Inspired from the board-game “Afrikan Tähti”. Released on 07/2013, available in app-store. Try it out.

Target audience: (Console-) gamers of all ages at risk of spending too much time indoors by the monitor.

Solution: Adventurous safari-theme with a cat-mascot who imagines being a Tiger. Outcatch. Special attention paid to engaging icon.

Results: Internal reviews with the test group were positive, especially mascot was loved. The icon was acclaimed as clearly distinguishable. Game got 2nd Reward on Gesundheit 2013 health- game competition by Sitra and feedback of the art-style has been positive.