Small cluster of database processing units.

Database cluster

Continuing with the asset works. Probably too many tris for common use / suitable for level end when there ain’t too much else going on. Easy to optimize to very low poly by flattening the patterns to textures but I’m not going there before testing it out.

Each small square is a user-entry with all their personal data, 8 of them are in array of a same connector and they share a common processing chipset with. fast memory. Four of these form a single database node of 32 users that has its own local management program with has direct access to all connected chipsets. Management program is connected to the high-capacity main data flux, which leads to units main controller. Main controller has its own memory and chipset banks and contains the communication unit. Two small firewalls / security programs monitor the main dataflux at the entrypoints to the main controller. Main controller has access trough the nodes main program to the outside networks. Group of three 128-user units are clustered together to form a high-capacity, high-redundancy relative database server designed for a small-to-medium business.

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