Mapvember 6 – Gnoll

Mapvember 6 – Gnoll

The Rag Gnoll stinks to bottom sewers. Notorious for greymarket mods and experimental neuroware. Though, nothing good goes below com-1.

Inspiration from Megacities of Judge Dredd, 5th Element and Incal. Shady rock club at the very bottom by the sewer channels, where no decent citizens would show their nose. Place for ug neuroware-bands, black market implants and DIY-cyber-mods, known for troublemakers, corrupt researchers, odd contacts and informants.

I’m not that familiar with gnolls so it makes a good cyberpunk bar. Rag Gnoll, referring to ntech-slang “rag doll” – the limp body of someone with heavy neuromods malfunctioning. “Bastard got old firmware in his veins, easy to brick, one holepush and he went ragdoll.”

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