Selected Logos

Selected Logos

Various Logos for clients in different fields: Reserviläinen – military, InterconnectHelsinki – anarchist art project, Ryhmä Rohkea – construction, Euro Publications Finland – a book store and Indicine – recruitment of health-care professionals.

Parliament Election Campaign

Parliament Election Campaign

What: Youthful election campaign materials for Paraliamentary Elections of 2011. Multi-channel campaign contained ads on papers, website, two different leaflets, badge, rollup, car-sticker and prints on a high-visibility vests.
Result: Candidate did did well within her party and campaign got good feedback for separating the candidate from the competition.

Cover for a math book

Vapaa Matikka .
Cover for an open source mathbook – Vapaa Matikka 01. Pictogram describes the Finnish slogan – Matikka (maths and also a type of fish) jumps to freedom from the internet.

Villa Aurelius

Villa Aurelius

Plans for low-energy single family housing. RATO. Done with Autocad. Loved how the the measurement lines look like musical notation around the structure.


Cassini – Huygens



Copper Etching describing the journey of Cassini-Huygens probes. Surfaces done with aquatint rounds of different harshess, lines corroded with acid and used the dry needle for the finishing touch. Printed twice, once for background gradient and second time for actual picture.

Made a business card.

Made a business card.

Here is the design for my new business card. Ordered from Moo for their luxe paper. If you’re in need of some, they are decent place with good designs, order with this link and you get a 10% discount and I get some credits. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. They should be delivered just in time for Slush.

Thoughts about the design:
Having entered a new phase in life, there was need for reinventing my professional identity. My previous site got taken down by hackers, and instead of returning the old site from backups, I saw here a great opportunity for fresh new take.

FurtherForm logo is formed by two strong F’s in isometric angle. Add a ball and there is a humanoid with four arms – truly a human formed further. Raising hands to hug, to greet, to rise to flight – ready to engage! Humour trough the ironic theme alient/mutant pictogram reminiscent of the worlds of computer games. Symbology: efficient, powerful, creative, confinednt, and on more realistic stance, the smaller arms are of my son.

Shapes at the vertical sides make the card look like puzzle piece – connecting. Foremost a heavy visual message of game design and communicating to check if you match and does this piece/person fit in to your game. Contact details are where you connect the puzzle piece. Subtle pattern on the background adds touch of class, and if one must assign meaning to it – the network of colleagues and great friends and maybe enventually, the employees of my company.

Hexagon shaped connectors remind of bees and their efficiency, hard work, fitting optimally together – signalling adaptability to teams and different environments. It can be also read as isometric cube – suggesting knowledge of the 3D- and game graphics. Also, a hexagon shaped hole is common in bolts, bikes, furniture – holding together, connecting and adjusting. All good connotations for professional prowess. Firm.

Font choice is elegant modernist Corbert with added a ligature for a finishing touch.

Colourscape: Calm, assuring, wealthy, fine, royal, professional. A burning fireplace in dark night. In flames – inspired, reborn! Went trough many variations with different emotions, main alternative was strikingly bright yellow-orange-red for maximum attention. Instead, chosed to go with elegantly contrasting complementary theme, knowing that the card will be effective with the heavy paper, and thus, not needing to underline it more and risking appearing cheap. Also the chosen colors suggest Nordic-origin.

I’m especially happy about the logo-pictogram, it has certain technological elegance hinting to Members of Mayday / rave nostalgia. Being isometric, it can be read to many 3D shapes and scenes – an inspiring ground to do variants of intro-animations. The composition was changed to be without borders as the press couldn’t quarantee centered cuts. While I’m not too ardent about such, deciced not to risk and made this new stronger composition.

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