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Concepting for a game project plankton

Concepting for a game project plankton

Shape tests and design studies for an casual mobile game idea I’ve been pondering over. A match-two clicker for tablets with puzzle elements, innovative multiplier mechanics set in abstracted life of bacteria / plankton  or minimalistic sea creatures. Programming a prototype in Unity has shown to be trickier than expected.

Hear the Herald!

New direction is taking form. It has been activated and it is moving. This is the celebration of the flows to come. Prepare – now is the time!

Blast off the celebration with selection of fresh picks of summer Euphoria:

Boyinaband for humour and skill 

Veela for drum’n’bass vocals

Savant for the funkjazz dubstep 

Infected Mushroom mixed by Savant on their new album 

And Neural Weapon for being what Infect Mushroom was

While Juno Reactor still does what they do best

Juized for keeping alive the genre that once was my punk rebellion

Delighting mix of Classical and breakcore by Igorrr

Ending the madness with Dance Apocalyptic by Janelle Monae

Crashdown and gather the pieces with piety uplift fresh from 1630’s.

Sign off. Sing on.

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